Installer Certification Overview

Several thousand companies throughout North America engage in the installation of tile roofing systems and your company may be one of them. To improve and diversify your company’s roofing services, the TRI Installer Certification Program imparts the requisite knowledge, experience and industry guidelines required to build tile roofing systems.

About the Program

This informative day-and-a-half course is designed to enhance the knowledge of individuals involved in the construction and installation of tile roofing systems. The following topics are addressed in the curriculum:

Knowledge - Industry professionals share industry guidelines, practices and advances applicable to the construction and installation of tile roofing systems.

Recognition - Certificates of Completion will be awarded to all individuals who successfully complete the course and pass the written examination.

Promotion - Tile roofing installer training and certification can be a powerful marketing tool for your business by further establishing your credibility as a knowledgeable contractor. Your company will gain greater awareness and leads through TRI’s Web site listing and referral database.

Ongoing support - TRI reinforces your knowledge by making available the latest technical literature, guide specifications, and industry advancements.

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